Five things you need to know when Getting Married in Cabo

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Things to Remember when Getting married in Cabo San Lucas!

Cabo is one of Mexico’s top spots for a destination wedding. Who wouldn't want to get married in Cabo?

Now that you have picked location for your wedding destination, here are 5 things to consider when getting married in Cabo! Ceremony requirements for getting married in Cabo are not like they are in the states. You have a couple options for your ceremony; you could have either a Symbolic or a Civil ceremony.

1. Knowing the type of ceremony you want and knowing the differences between them!

A Symbolic Ceremony is really what is means just a symbol of the ceremony itself. A Non-Denominational minister will perform the ceremony and you can customize the ceremony with the minister. After the ceremony you sign a certificate of Marriage along with your two witnesses and the minster. This certificate by no means represents a legal binding wedding.  In order for the ceremony to be legal you need to file your paperwork in the US at your local clerk’s office. Having a symbolic ceremony is usually the route most couples choose.

A Civil Ceremony is exactly what it means. It is a legal ceremony recognized in the eyes of a municipal court house. In order you for you to complete a Civil Ceremony and legally be married in Cabo San Lucas you need to provide the following documents:

  • A Judge must preside and perform the ceremony
  • You must have blood tests taken in Cabo a couple days prior to the ceremony
  • You must provide 4 witnesses
  • Both of your tourist visas which are given to you on the plane
  • Passports for both the groom and bride
  • Death and divorce decrees are required if applicable
  • Refer to your Certified Destination Wedding Specialist for more details

2. The time of year, which is the best month for getting married in Cabo? Well to be honest, Cabo has amazing warm weather throughout the year but there are some months that are warmer than others, and there are some months that you do want to stay clear from.

  • November thru April is our high season and has the best weather during the day and night, optimal time to plan a wedding!
  • May thru July the weather starts to warm up even more
  • August thru October is when our hurricane season starts to roll in, the storms can last anywhere from a single day to 5 days. The weather is hot and muggy. It is very humid during this period! Sometimes the humidity level can reach up to 75%. YIKES!

3. Work with a wedding planner when getting married in Cabo! When having your wedding at the resort, you work directly with their wedding planner, who in turn is working with 100 other brides trying to plan their wedding at the same resort. “Good luck getting any type of response!” Do yourself a favor and hire a personal wedding planner you’re sure to get quick feedback and personalized service. is voted “Best in Cabo” for their wedding planning services.

Couples are practically getting married in Cabo every other day! Whether people are getting off a cruise ship to say their "I Do's", or have been planning their fairy tale wedding for the past year; destination weddings are very popular in Cabo.

4. Be sure to give yourself and your guests’ ample time to plan! 9-15 months is an ideal amount of time for securing the best travel rates for groups at resorts, ask your wedding planners for more details. It is also enough time to secure location and vendors! And you cannot forget your guests! They need time to make arrangements to attend your big day in Cabo.  Although you can still plan a destination wedding in a couple of weeks, time is of the essence.

5. If you’re looking for a private beach in Cabo to have your dream wedding on, be sure to ask your wedding planner for photos of the ceremony area. Ask for photos of all around the ceremony area, especially if you’re getting married at a resort in Cabo.  Most resorts are located close to each other and are on the popular tourist beach, this means lots of people, and vendors walking up and down the beach.  There is no way as they cannot block this area for your special day because the beaches are public. The advantage of having a personal wedding planner is that they can offer you other beaches that are away from all the vendors and tourists. This way you can have privacy for your ceremony.

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