The Ultimate Guide to Planning Cabo San Lucas Weddings

From Start To Finish: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Cabo San Lucas Weddings If you have ever dreamed of having the perfect fairy-tale destination wedding in the most perfect location in the world, then a wedding in Cabo San Lucas is just for you. Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico's premier tourist destinations and…
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Why Couples Choose Cabo Weddings?

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Reasons why Cabo Weddings are the Popular

There are many reasons couples choose to host their weddings in Cabo San Lucas. As a resort city, this luxurious paradise has a lot to offer people who are in love, looking for a getaway or need a rich nightlife. Many couples who choose destination ceremonies plan Cabo Weddings  simply because it offers everything they could imagine in a dream wedding. Here are some things you can look forward to if you choose to get married in Cabo.

A Seaside Ceremony

From a practical standpoint, seaside ceremonies require far less decor than conventional wedding venues. Most couples choose an arch adorned in flowers and a sheer white drape to stand against the dramatic backdrop of the sea. Nature does the work for you, and any wedding photos that you take will be complete with sand, birds, shells, ocean waves, gorgeous rocks and a blue sky. For evening Cabo weddings the sea and sky can be even more dramatic with a colorful sunset.

A ceremony next to the sea offers another benefit that many do not often realize. It is a natural calming agent. Based on the statistics, most couples will really need some stress relief by the time they get to the altar to exchange vows.

The cost alone is enough to keep their brows wrinkled for years into their marriage. The bride's parents on average pay about 46 percent of the costs. The bride and groom cover 40 percent, and the groom's parents pitch in for 12 percent. The average wedding budget hovers near $30K, so the happy couple is already close to $10K in debt when they walk down the aisle, that is if expenses are even covered by the bride's parents.

Aside from financial stress, there are the normal jitters that come with any major life change. Every couple wants their special day to be perfect, and any small thing that happens to throw off the perfect plan is a potential emotional crisis. Cabo Weddings help couples avoid this kind of stress. The sea is the detail, the economy, the calm and the right element for a day as close to perfect as anyone can get.

Diverse Activities for Guests

After wedding ceremonies, most guests look forward to food and dancing. They wait for the couple's first dance, the attendants' toasts and the ceremonial slicing of the wedding cake. Because Cabo San Lucas is a resort area, there is much more to do than the traditional wedding activities.

Those who find post-wedding fare a reason to become drowsy will enjoy fishing, golf, whale watching and desert car races. Between Cabo and San Jose del Cabo, wedding guests can take their choice of several championship golf courses. Cabo Del Sol, Cabo Real Resort, Cabo San Lucas Country Club, Puerto Los Cabos, Palmilla Course and Club Campestre San Jose all offer stunning views of the mountains, desert and the Sea of Cortez. A seven-day advanced reservation guarantees your best tee-times. Famed golfer Jack Nicklaus designed the Ocean Course along a beach on the Cabo Del Sol course.

The Baja Peninsula gives Cabo Weddings an extra dose of adrenaline with the Baja 1000. Those who are brave enough to enter the famous desert car race vie to get to the tip of the Baja Peninsula from Ensenada. They race through the rough terrain of stunning trails that run through local Cabo communities and get lost in the adventure of finishing first. Some have done it in as little as 18 hours.

Hands-on adventurists who pay the driving fee have a chance to get briefed on desert car safety and local community etiquette before strapping themselves into a car and racing across the peninsula. Part of the adventure is that drivers are not on a pristine track, as they would be in some of the other famous national races. They encounter cattle, ranches, the rough nature of the mountain and real towns. A major attraction on this trail is the Hotel California in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico.

Cabo Weddings Can Give a Little Taste of Home

In every destination wedding party, there are those who prefer the leisurely activity comforts of home. They want specialty boutiques to go shopping, which the Solana boutique offers. The shop's swimming accessories and trendy clothing and jewelry lines by designers like Jennifer Meyer and Aquazzura give visitors a dose of shop therapy. For the fitness-minded, Cabo Weddings come with outlets for workouts, yoga and massage sessions. Some of the best spas are located in Cabo, so why not treat your yourself and indulge before your Cabo Wedding. There are even cooking and wine-tasting classes and courses for those who want to paint some of Cabo's vibrant colors and landscapes.

Thursdays in Cabo become days to truly immerse in local culture. The entire city engages in an event called Mexicanisimo. Artists and merchants set up tables to showcase their works and merchandise. Food artisans are also on hand to give visitors a true taste of authentic Cabo cuisine, and much of it is made on the spot. Find the perfect trinkets and add some Mexican decor to your Cabo Wedding.  downtown streets are flooded with live music while everyone is partaking in food and other items for sale. When night falls, Mexicanisimo ends in a burst of fireworks over the gorgeous sea. Cabo Weddings Cabo have some of the best firework shows!

Wedding guests will not have to spend any down time longing for anything to do in Cabo San Lucas. They can come to witness your vows with the wide-eyed discovery of a child experience something vibrant for the very first time. One of the best reasons to choose this location for a destination wedding venue is that it offers something for almost any kind of guest. Those who are looking for relaxation and the chance to do absolutely nothing except attend the wedding can have that, too. Beaches and hotel views give those who are looking for a quiet experience all the peaceful access they need.

Cabo weddings give couples an affordable, natural setting to mark the beginning of their lives together. For years to come, they will remember the ease of standing beneath and arch and making promises to one another. They will also remember that the best decision they made to was to hire to help ease stress of planning their wedding in Cabo.


Affordable, Stress-Free Weddings in Cabo

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Weddings in Cabo - Offer Affordable, Stress-Free Destination Ceremonies

Destination weddings in Cabo San Lucas fulfill all the wish lists for both bride and groom, including dramatic beach-wedding venues, extraordinary views and the most astonishing events for wedding parties. The bride and groom can combine wedding and honeymoon at one of Mexico's luxurious Baja resorts or private villas. You and your guests will be able to see the iconic El Arco or the Arch at Land's End and enjoy beach activities, unmatched party venues and romantic cruises.

The costs of destination weddings in Cabo often run less than a traditional wedding at home. Your guests will love the romantic, picturesque destination where they have plenty of activities to enjoy including vibrant nightlife, incredible shopping, public or private tours and world-class beach activities.

Exquisite Venues for Any Wedding Style

Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula offers easy access to guests in California and a premier destination for destination weddings, civil ceremonies and nondenominational ceremonies. The turquoise-colored Sea of Cortez meets dramatic mountains and the desert in this former sleepy fishing village turned tourist destination.

  • Beach weddings enjoy beautiful weather 360 days a year.
  • Los Cabos offers easy access to Americans and all the modern amenities for a world-class wedding ceremony.
  • Romantic couples will delight in Cabo's intimate restaurants, cobblestone streets, picturesque scenery and tourist activities.
  • Beautiful blossoms, mariachi bands and funky bars offer the perfect accompaniments for your exotic destination wedding.
  • Celebrities and trendsetters frequently choose Cabo for weddings, honeymoons or both.

No matter what your dreams, signature weddings in Cabo can match or surpass them. The little details often become the most memorable things about your wedding, and Cabo San Lucas has spectacular sights, scenery and activities for nature lovers, beach enthusiasts, desert admirers and gourmet food and nightlife aficionados.

Your Choice of Ceremony

You can get married by a justice of the peace in a civil ceremony before or after any symbolic wedding in Cabo. If you want to combine your legal and symbolic union, you'll need to spend a few days in town before the wedding dealing with the details of getting a marriage license and taking blood tests. The cost for all the legalities and civil ceremony is practically the same amount as a symbolic ceremony, and most hotels require that the guests and bride and groom arrive three or four days before the ceremony. Other details to factor into your plans include:

  • Your Cabo wedding can't include a civil ceremony on Mexican holidays, and Catholic and Jewish weddings require some extra planning.
  • You'll also have to provide documentation that includes passports, birth certificates for bride and groom and tourist visas for the bride, groom and four witnesses.
  • You’ll need to bring a rabbi for a legal Jewish ceremony because Cabo has no synagogues.
  • If you plan on a civil ceremony at Cabo, you'll need to arrive three or four days early to take blood tests and get the results.
  • You must have four witnesses.
  • Divorced people will need to provide copies of the divorce decree.
  • The bride and groom must be at least 18 years of age.

An event planner can make it easy to combine your non-denominational ceremony and the civil marriage, and you'll only need to attend to a few details while enjoying the romantic and exotic activities that this Mexican destination offers.

Bridezilla Makeover for Weddings in Cabo

Nobody wants to be labeled a bridezilla, but every bride wants an ideal celebration, whether it's small and intimate or elaborate and phenomenal.  You can relax when you choose  to plan your real or ceremonial wedding at one of the world's most popular wedding destinations. Professional event planners handle everything from making accommodation arrangements and transportation to hiring the right local consultants for floral arrangements and music. Your destination wedding can be surprisingly stress-free but exactly what you want.

Couples can choose from a church, or beach weddings in Cabo and stay at private villas or luxurious resorts. Guests will have extensive choices of things to see and do like boating, fishing, playing golf or partying at top clubs, bars and music venues. Stunning resorts on the beach offer shameless pampering, and nervous brides can enjoy spa treatments, a bridal massage or restorative facial therapies to ensure that they have a beautiful glow during their ceremonies.

Weddings in Cabo Include Basking on the Beach

Beach and water-based activities in Cabo include snorkeling on a coral reef in the sapphire waters, swimming, sailing, whale watching, fishing charters and diving in an underwater world with protected marine life. You and your guests can enjoy an exotic snorkeling tour, surfing, SCUBA diving with amazing visibility or swimming with the dolphins.

The benefits of beach weddings in Cabo San Lucas include the ability to make your wedding a memorable and unique event for your closest friends and family members. Beach weddings are often more intimate, and they involve the groom and guests more actively. Guests enjoy vacation time, and the bride and groom can start their honeymoons early.

Nightlife for Bride and Groom and Guests

Your guests can enjoy pampering at a resort, marina activities, desert safaris and some of Mexico's most incredible nightlife with bars, cantinas and clubs that cater to every musical taste and age. From rowdy nightclubs for bridal and bachelor parties to wine tours for oenophiles, Cabo boasts everything from sports bars to microbreweries. Cabo offers gourmet restaurants with a range of international cuisines, and your guests can enjoy their personal preferences of nightlife from bikers' bars to dance clubs.

Weddings in Cabo offer the ideal background for a private, romantic union or celebrity-style event with an enormous list of festivities to share with your friends and families. A wedding on a secluded stretch of beach, or at an unbelievable venue provides everything for wedding-related events in gorgeous settings for a dream ceremony, honeymoon and vacation in one setting. Don't worry about the details when you contact for expert wedding planning services.

Why Cabo Weddings Are So Popular!

Stunning Cabo San Lucas: Why Cabo Weddings Are So Popular Located in the southern tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico's top tourist destinations. Known for its scenic beaches, it is also considered as one of the best wedding destinations in the region. Getting Married In Cabo San Lucas For couples…
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